On The Run

If you want to drop any kind of arguments on a running application...
Or if you want Lennert Ploeger's TreeComp to run something else, instead of WinDiff...
Please try On The Run!


  The application: OnTheRun.zip (267 KB)
  The source files: OnTheRunSource.zip (21 KB)
  Current version:

System requirements:
  Windows 95, NT4 or higher (I guess).
  Tested on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 98 SE.
  The source files are compatible with Delphi 7, Delphi 6, and (to certain extend) Delphi 5.
  Delphi 5 compatibility has been improved by DFMScanner, a DesignSize cleaner from Gerrit Beuze (ModelMaker Tools).

On The Run uses a Delphi component from the RX Library.
On The Run was inspired by ExCon On The Fly.

Developed by Niels Dekker for Dekkerware
E-mail (no spam please): dekkerware at xs4all.nl
Page updated on 2006-08-20